The major concern of the DRONE GLOBE is to review the latest models of the drones for sale and assist you to consider the best drones and Go-Pro Camera Drone for you to worth your all requirements and money as well.

While reviewing the products, we recognize the power of content or written words, and that is why we take a decision to explore such writers that can exhibit their creative mind in this field.

To explore your hidden talent of writing, we have created the Science Environment Scholarship By Drones Globe for undergraduates or postgraduates students who have a passion for writing and win 1000$ or an affordable drone as a reward.


Every applicant must have to submit all the required information to the Electronically submission (PDF) or DOC file will be acceptable. Applicant must complete scholarship form along with the 1000-1500 words on the given topics. If you have an ability to beat others with your writing skills, then please contact us with the relevant details. We never require expertise in this field. You just need a passion for writing or content creation of the provided subjects.


This scholarship program designed for graduates or postgraduate students who have a passion for writing and believe in their writing skills. Also, every participant must have an ability to think beyond the imagination and can also leave your writing footprints on people’s mind.

When you submit your articles, our experts will observe few factors in your article and then we will decide the name of the winner. Following are some of the factors which we consider in your article including:

  • Creativity and imagination power
  • Ability of expression
  • Writing skills
  • Organizing skills
  • Consistency and strong logic ability
  • Article subject

Terms of participation

If you want to participate in this scholarship program, then you have to explore your selected subject between 1000-1500 words of the article. We will provide few of the topics, and you just need to pick a topic from the list and explore that topic in your words. Make sure that the article must be creatively and uniquely written, only then you will be eligible to be the part of this scholarship. Results will be announced between 30-60 days, and the winner will be notified with their provided Email address.

Here are the subject/topics of the article:

  1. Why Being A Drone Pilot Is The Job Of The Future
  2. Uses of drones in higher education
  3. How drones explores the science today
  4. Drone Racing Technology and the Future of the Sport
  5. Drone Career Opportunities and Training Courses
  6. Survey and Mapping Drones and Their Key Functions

How to submit an application:

First of all, write an article of 1000-1500 words and submit us by visiting our site also you can email us with all the required details mentioned below:

  • Your personal detail (First and last name, phone number and Email address as well)
  • Your school or college name
  • Area of study
  • Your identity proof which describes that you are a student